How long have you been in business?

I’ve prepared taxes for people for over 46 years, since 1977.  Originally, I managed HR Block for all of Southern Europe and the Mideast.  In my initial year, we were recognized as one of the top ten offices worldwide in terms of the fewest errors (quality) and number of prepared returns.  Since 1978, I have been on my own and my clients have been extremely satisfied.

What is your specialty?

People from all over the world email their questions daily.  My specialty is service.  When you come to Leocha Taxes, I handle your issues and you see me, not a junior associate.   I ask the probing questions to get the details needed to understand your personal situation and prepare your return, or handle your audit situation.  My office is open all year long, we are busy every month.

Who are some of your customers?

My privacy policy prevents me from identifying individual clients.   I prepare taxes for individuals, corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors, trusts, and estates.

Are you a CPA?

I am an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS and must satisfy the IRS continuing education requirements every three years to maintain my license.  CPAs are licensed by their state.  Please have your taxes prepared by someone who actively participates in continuing education, like an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Attorney.  Tax laws are constantly changing and by attending the latest and best training programs, I can assure you that your returns will be prepared professionally and correctly.  I am a member of the prestigious Fellows of NAEA’s National Tax Practice InstituteTM. Fellows are the crème de la crème of representation experts, and are highly qualified to represent their clients.

What other services do you provide?

I specialize in solving tough tax problems.  If you received a letter from the IRS and need help, please contact me.  It is important that you do not engage the IRS without professional help.  I have handled hundreds of audits and involved with Tax Court dozens of times.  Remember, the IRS starts by assuming all of your deductions are not verifiable and they have the time and resources to wear you down.  Enrolled agents are known as “the tax professionals”.  I am recognized with the prestigious “Fellows” designation.  See the Settled Cases tab (it’s the last box)

One of the most valuable services I offer is tax planning.  This is a comprehensive study of your tax returns and providing you a written presentation on how to save tax dollars, legitimately and ethically, with no grey areas.  Planning ahead to reduce your tax burden, prior to the filing date, is the only way to implement a strategy that will work.

How much do you charge for services?

My rate for individual tax returns starts at $225.  My consulting fees and audit fees are $250 per hour. You will see the custom service difference!