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IRS Notice 2020-18 states the deadline for filing your tax return is extended to July 15.  There
is no requirement to file by 4/15 anymore so we implore everyone to stay safe and healthy,
and do not stress.

Beginning March 21st Saturday, Leocha Taxes will follow the government guidelines and institute a 15 day pause in office visits.  During this time, we will continue to receive information via our secure portal and by mail, and we will continue dialogue via phone, text, or email.

We also have the option of filing extensions.

The extension is free and gives you until 10/15/2020 to file your return if you do not owe tax for 2019.

Note ** It does not extend you time to pay if you owe taxes this year, filing and payment deadline will be July 15, 2020.  

If you feel you may owe tax this year, the guideline is to pay the amount you owed last year to avoid penalties.

If you have questions, call the office or send me an email. I will answer you ASAP.

Stay healthy!

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